Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life ~ Amy Poehler


This past weekend I was at camp – yes, the second camp this month.  Kind of crazy for someone who barely went to camp as a kid! And it was even more uncomfortable than the first camp!  The cabin was not winterized, the windows were only screens and it went down to 1C at night… a little chilly.  I slept this time though – good news!  There were spaces in the floorboards so you could see the ground and there were apparently some mice visiting the cabins at night… I tried not to think about it.  When we were outside of the cabin it was totally worth it though.  As you can see from the picture above we had amazing weather in Algonquin Park.  Hiking, kayaking, yoga and I even went for a swim in the lake on Sep 26th!  I was in a cabin with 8 other people so when I woke up early I just had to lie there so I didn’t wake anyone up.  The thought going through my head one morning was around the people that we surround ourselves with.
There are certain people who give me energy when I spend time with them.  Just walking away from a conversation with them gets me excited for the future.  These people inspire me, they make me feel like I am capable of anything and everything.  They give me confidence. I appreciate the time that I get to spend with them… in fact I crave it!  Of course being this inspirational and awesome, they are busy people so getting time with them isn’t always easy.  I know what it does for me though so I make a huge effort to make it work, and perhaps I’m a little pushy 🙂
I started thinking about this the other morning because I recently met some people who had the opposite effect on me.  They are nice people but we have very different priorities in life. I found that when I was with them I just shut down.  I had no energy to talk about the things that I love and that inspire me because I knew that this wasn’t what they thought was important.  This was a really interesting realization.  I have always thought that everybody has to like me and I’ve always been very concerned about it.  But I wasn’t this time.  I thought, they have their thing and I have mine and it’s ok if those things aren’t the same.  This wasn’t a negative meeting, I just realized that these aren’t people who I would ever be close to.  This is a HUGE breakthrough for me.  I saw a quote that described the situation perfectly:
 I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me… now I look around and wonder if I like them.
I will always meet people who have different priorities or who don’t get me.  I’m ok spending time with them but I need to continue to be aware, and not let my energy be depleted because of them.  I’ve got a good thing going and I need to always remember that! It doesn’t have to be a good thing for anyone else, it’s my good thing!
Do you surround yourself with people who give you energy and make you want more out of life?  Do you know who those people are?  Figure it out and spend more time with them!  It really will change your life.
Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself ~ Edmund Lee

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted ~ Aesop


When you ask people what they wish for, a common answer is world peace. This probably seems like an overwhelming, unrealistic wish, something that we would ideally like but is not possible.  Maybe we will never see world peace but we certainly have it in us to make the world a better place.  There are so many things we can do everyday which will improve our lives and the lives of others.  I know this isn’t the first time that you’ve heard this but do you ever really think about it?  Do you think about the role that you play and how you can help?
This thought occurred to me as I was lying in a chair giving blood the other day.  All of the people in the room were there voluntarily taking an hour out of their day, getting pricked by a needle (which really doesn’t hurt that much) and giving one pint of their blood.  This really isn’t a big gesture when you consider the benefits.  They say that one donation will save three lives.  WOW!  One hour of my time and 10% of my blood (which I can live without, and will be replenished) and I’m saving three lives.  Seems like an easy decision to me.
Sure, it’s not the most comfortable thing to do, it might hurt a little, but consider the recipients.  There are people having heart surgery, people with leukemia and car crash victims.  The uncomfortable feeling of giving blood is nothing compared to what they are going through.  I realize not everyone can give blood – your hemoglobin is too low, you have a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to donate… you pass out at the site of a needle! I would challenge that most people who haven’t given don’t even know if they qualify or not.  Give it a try…. added bonus – they have Oreos!
Maybe giving blood isn’t your thing, that’s ok there are so many things that you can do everyday to make a difference in the world…
Hold the door for someone
Compliment a friend or a stranger
Write a note to thank someone who inspires you
Put money in an expired parking meter
Call / email / text a friend just to say hi
Double a tip for someone deserving
And my favourite – Hug someone (It said that each time we embrace someone warmly, we gain an extra day of life.  So please embrace me now. ~ Paulo Coelho)
You might think that some of these things are no big deal and they won’t make a difference.  You’re wrong – they will make a difference.  You have no idea the impact that a small gesture will make on another person.  You have no idea what kind of day someone could be having when you tell them that they have beautiful eyes. And the beauty of your small gesture is that it multiplies.  The recipient is now touched by your gesture and will in turn provide an act of kindness to someone else. And that is the ripple effect.  Powerful stuff!  Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.
The other benefit is that it will make you feel good.  Even without recognition of your kindness, it will make you feel good to know that you made someone’s day a little brighter.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed.
What will you do today to make the world a nicer place?
Go be EPIC!
A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots spring up and make new trees ~ Amelia Earhart

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures ~ Thornton Wilder

This past weekend I was at a Warrior Coaching camp.  It’s an intense weekend.  It’s mentally tough, it’s physically tough. It is literally a camp, kids stay there in the summer.  I like to be comfortable.  I like my queen size bed, my 600 thread count sheets and 4 pillows… yes 4!  I like 8 hours of sleep.  So when I show up at this camp in Southern Alberta with a  sleeping bag and a travel size pillow to set up on a plastic mattress of the top bunk I am out of my comfort zone.  The first night the camp finished at 11:30 pm after an 11 hour travel day.  I climbed up into the top bunk and tossed and turned.  I was overtired and uncomfortable.  I eventually fell asleep only to wake up at 3:30 am unable to fall back to sleep.  As I laid there all of these negative thoughts were running through my head (not to mention things at 3:30 am always seem a little less rational than they really are).  I was miserable.  I wanted my own bed, I wanted sheets, I wanted proper pillows.  The longer I was awake the more agitated I got.  I knew we were going to get a knock on the door at 5 am and I was going to have to get up and do a workout, a workout which I was dreading.
Then I thought – what if I think about what I am grateful for instead of dwelling on all of these negative thoughts?
So I started to list the things that I was grateful for.  I thought about how grateful I was that we had all arrived at the camp safely from all over Canada and the U.S.  I was grateful to be there with these amazing people, who I had been looking forward to seeing for months.  I was grateful that my 11 hours of travel were part of the fun of the weekend as I got to spend them with my brother and a good friend – great conversations and lots of laughs. I was grateful that this weekend was going to provide me with learning and fellowship that were going to make my life better.  That was the last thing that I remember before the knock at the door at 5 am.  Being grateful put me at peace, calmed me down and allowed me to get an extra (much needed) hour of sleep. (Oh and the workout that I was dreading – I rocked it!  It was an incredibly difficult 38 minutes but such an amazing feeling of accomplishment).
I spend time every day being grateful.  It is an important exercise that allows me to appreciate what I have and not take the people in my life and the things that I have for granted.
To name a few (but certainly not all), I am grateful for:
My family who love me unconditionally and who support me immensely
Living close to my brother and his family
Being born in a free country with access to everything
My friends that I have had for over 20 years who have shared so many great adventures and memories
My new friends who have confirmed that moving to Cobourg was the right decision
My Warrior family who, even though I’ve only known them for a short time, truly feel like my family
My colleagues who always keep things interesting and allow me to have a career without it feeling like work
My health and a strong body which does things that it sometimes hates me for 🙂
My ability to help people which brings me joy
My sense of adventure which allows me to live this EPIC adventure
And all of you for reading this blog!  I appreciate you more than you know
There are so many more things that I think about on a daily basis.  I am truly blessed and grateful for it all.
Finish each day with 3 things that you are grateful for… you will be a happier person for it!
I cursed the fact that I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet ~ Ancient Persian Proverb
*While at camp this weekend we were fortunate to see the Northern Lights.  I had never seen them before… AMAZING!  A fellow Warrior is a professional photographer and captured the picture above.  I am grateful to him for sharing.  It is amazing to have this as a memory from camp.  Four Degrees Photography (

Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. ~ Wayne Dyer

Lisa (2)
People often comment about the cool things that I do and the number of places that I travel to.  I’ve learned from other’s misfortunes.  I have heard too many stories about people who went to work every day for years, worked overtime and saved their money to travel in retirement. Within a very short time after retirement these people passed away never getting to experience their dream.
We really have no idea what the future holds for us.  We don’t know how long we will live or what our health will be as we age.  Having heard these stories I’ve built “retirement” into my life! 🙂
Every year about this time I start to decide where I want to go and what things I want to accomplish in the following year.  Last night I met with a friend to plan our trip to Bali in 2016.  This friend, by the way, is the same one who asked me if I wanted to do the Tongariro Crossing… what do you think she’s going to suggest this time??  Something just as amazing I hope!  So I set a plan for the year… and I JUST DO IT!
I often hear “I would love to go here or there but I just don’t have the time / money / childcare / insert another excuse / all of the above”.  Guess what… nobody does!  If you wait for the perfect moment to do things, you’ll never do them.   There are no perfect moments.  Work and life are always busy, nobody ever has enough money.  Make a plan.  Start saving, rearrange a work schedule, get creative with childcare.  If you really truly want to do something… FIGURE IT OUT.  My parents traveled when we were young and found neighbours who were willing to take care of us.  Worked out great for us too.  They are a very loving Italian family… and the food was amazing!
About 11 years ago I decided I wanted to travel.  Not just a week in the Caribbean, I wanted to really travel.  I wanted to go to far away places and really enjoy the countries, not a 15-countries-in-12-days Contiki tour (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  I made a plan, 5 countries in 4 months.  Here’s the problem, there’s never a perfect moment right? I had a job with 3 weeks of vacation.  I was determined to do this though so I got creative.  I figured out a time that was beneficial for the company and I pitched the idea.  They didn’t have to pay me while I was gone and there was someone coming back from maternity leave. The naysayers told me that the company was never going to give me a 4 month leave of absence, it would set a precedent they said.  Well if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.  I asked and they said YES!  I’m not at the company any longer but to my knowledge nobody has ever asked for a 4 month leave of absence since, so setting precedent wasn’t an issue.
The trip was worth every penny!  I spent a night on a felucca on the Nile, climbed down into the pyramids in Cairo and visited the Valley of the Kings on a donkey.  I got my SCUBA certification in the Red Sea, which I proceeded to put to good use on the rest of the trip.  I saw the amazing Victoria Falls and white water rafted down the Zambezi River. I did an 18 day overland tour in South Africa including viewing 4 of the Big 5 in Kruger National Park. In Thailand I rode on elephants and sat on the very beaches that were destroyed by the Tsunami only 5 weeks later.  I dove the Great Barrier Reef and visited a ranch in the town of Dingo, Australia where I used a whip, a boomerang and learned how to line dance!
I should also mention that I did this trip SOLO!  So if I can do all of that, you can book you trip to France or Italy or wherever you dream of going.  This idea doesn’t only apply to travel though. Do you really want to try surfing, have you always wanted to learn to play tennis, is your goal to run a 5K race?  Whatever it is – JUST DO IT!  Make a plan.  Set a timeline.  Make it your reality.
*Added bonus* Once you fulfill that dream, you can move onto the next and the next. And that is how you make your life an EPIC adventure!
Stop wishing, start doing!
Quote from my friend Dave as he went on a similar round the world trip – I hope it doesn’t get out how great this traveling thing is, or there will be nobody back home working!

Someone who is busier than you is running right now


Well apparently I take requests now!  I have had a request to write about motivation, in particular in training for the Detroit Marathon.  I guess since that’s where this all started I can oblige.

For those of you who don’t know I grew up in Windsor so the Detroit Marathon is near and dear to my heart, as part of the run is through my hometown.  It is my favourite marathon (well, to be honest I’ve only ever done the half… but really the first half is the best part).

It’s an early start at 7am, it’s still dark and it’s usually very cold.  I did the relay one year and I remember waiting, for what felt like hours, and my feet were frozen.  When I finally started to run I couldn’t feel my feet for the first kilometre!

It’s usually a crisp fall morning.  The sun is just rising while running up the Ambassador Bridge (which is really quite steep!)  Running over the Detroit River and looking ahead on the bridge and to the east onto Riverside Drive in Windsor you can see a mass of runners filling the lanes and streets, it’s such a cool scene.  This is one benefit of not being at the front of the pack 🙂 The course continues down Riverside Drive and through the tunnel back into Detroit.

The route takes you through cool neighbourhoods in downtown Detroit.  (Yes, there are cool neighbourhoods in Detroit – It’s an awesome city… if you know where to go). The spectators throughout the course are amazing.  Every year the start and finish line seem to change locations, the best was the year I ran the half and the finish line was on Ford Field (literally on the field!) where the Detroit Lions play.

Last year in an effort to get my family and friends to set fitness goals I suggested (some might say harassed) they participate in the marathon in some way.  I sent out monthly motivational emails to get everyone doing something.  Even those not participating got into it and did daily walks.  The day of the race we had marathoners, half marathoners and a 5 person relay.  Awesome turnout!  And of course everyone, regardless of whether they had run or not, showed up for the after party!

So I thought it was a one time thing.  This year I started getting questioned about why I wasn’t sending the emails.  So I started writing them again and that turned into this blog.  AND without my “suggesting” this year there are quite a few running again and some running a half or a full for their first time!! So exciting!

I am going down to Windsor this year but it won’t be to run.  I am going as a spectator.  As much as I like to participate I love being a spectator for this marathon.  There are always many local runners. I get to see so many people I know running and I love cheering them on!  Let me know if you’re running this year!

So if you’re registered for Detroit or any other marathon or run this fall I’m sure (hope) you are well into your training schedule by now.  There will be days when you don’t feel like doing your training run and there will be days when your training run just doesn’t go well.  Just remember you can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow – you choose.

I have a weakness for quotes (which you’ve probably already figured out…) so I will leave you with a few


Comparison is the thief of Joy ~ Theodore Roosevelt


I make a conscious effort to surround myself with amazing people. People who inspire, motivate and challenge me. These people inspire me to try new things and to be a better person.  I strive for more because I see what they are doing and more importantly because they want me to succeed.

I love it when friends suggest things to me like “Hey, do you want to do the Tongariro Crossing?” I usually say “Sure!” to such requests (without actually thinking about what I’m getting myself in to!) A nice little walk they call it in New Zealand… “nice” and “little” might mean something different in NZ! It’s a 17 or 18 or 19km hike (depending on which sign or book you’re reading).  It crosses  over Mount Tongariro, an active volcano. (Side note – It hadn’t erupted since 1896 but did 10 months after I was there. Crazy things always happen after I leave a country, but more on that another time). But really, it was an awesome challenge with a great friend, exactly the type of experiences that I love my life to be made up of.

There is a downside to having all of these awesome ambitious people surrounding me though… I don’t own my accomplishments.

20 years ago I went to Boston to watch a friend run the marathon. It was the first time that I had been a spectator at such a huge event. It was incredibly emotional watching these people who have trained so hard to qualify, compete and finish. When I got home I started running. It was ugly! I remember running down the block and coming home, laying down, certain that I was having a heart attack! My running improved (slowly) and I ran a few 5k races. I never really considered myself a runner though. I know runners. They’re  fast… faster than me. Real runners run longer distances than me.

At some point years later I decided to do a half marathon with my sister-in-law. It was a big deal! The thought of it scared me.  But I trained and I did it. But I know lots of people who have done half marathons so, no big accomplishment.

Much to my surprise a few years after that I decided to train for a full marathon. Something I never believed that I could or would do. Again I trained and I did it! But I know lots of people who have done marathons so again, no big accomplishment.

A couple of weeks ago when I did the swim (post: Passion versus Fear) I was the first female, wetsuit in the 500m. It was exciting to be first…. but half of the people didn’t swim because of the cold water. Some of the swimmers did the 1km, if they had done the 500 they probably would have been faster than me and there were people without wetsuits faster than me. I won but I’ll put an * next to the win.

On Facebook I am part of a running group with runners of all levels. Last week a lady posted a picture of herself. She had just finished her first 5K race, she was proud of herself (deservedly), but she said “I know it’s peanuts compared to what most of you do”. My comment to her was “Own it!”.

And now I have to start taking my own advice. I am a runner.  I finished a half marathon and that’s an amazing accomplishment. I finished a full marathon and that is truly an unbelievable accomplishment. And I finished first in my division in the swim a few weeks ago and I am going to own that!  I am working on it, working on not making excuses for why I accomplished, or did well at something.  I was at another swim yesterday and a woman told me I looked familiar.  We talked for a few minutes trying to figure out where she might know me from and then her friend said “You won the LOST race didn’t you?”  My immediate reaction was to say “No, I didn’t win it.  I was the first female wetsuit in the 500m” instead I said “Yes, I did!”

Whatever your accomplishments are OWN THEM! No disclaimers, comparisons or asterisks. You don’t need to explain how or why you accomplished something, just that you did it. JUST OWN IT!

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms ~ Zen Shin

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference – Winston Churchill

When I attended my first Warrior seminar in November we talked a lot about joy.  Up until that point I hadn’t really ever thought much about it.  Our homework was to create joy projects.  One of mine was to smile and say hello to people more regularly, particularly while running.  It’s actually pretty entertaining to observe people’s reactions.  Half of the people don’t even look at me and the other half look at me like I am crazy.  Of course there is always one or two people who give a big smile back… and that makes it worth it.  It’s such a small thing with so much impact.  When someone looks at me and smiles it truly does bring me joy as I’m sure they receive joy from me and my smile.  The other benefit of it is that even those who won’t look at me or think that I am crazy keep walking  but might feel better because I said hello and smiled, even if they didn’t reciprocate.

I still continue to do joy projects and they are always changing.  It’s not that I stop doing one to start another, it’s that after I do these things for a few weeks they become habit.  So now I just naturally smile and say hello to people, it’s no longer a project.

I understood the joy that I gained from doing the projects but I didn’t understand how they actually changed my way of thinking until one cold snowy winter day in February…

I had an early flight to California.  The weather forecast wasn’t showing any significant precipitation.  They were wrong. I got up to drive to the airport.  Outside there was a foot of snow on my car and it was coming down significantly… this wasn’t factored in to me getting to the airport on time!  I cleaned off my car and started driving… it was  a blizzard.  As it was only 4am the roads were not good.  I made it to the 401 and thought I was in the clear.  20 minutes on the 401 and there was a sign – Highway closed at Brock St.  Ok, I have GPS but as I was driving in a snowstorm I couldn’t try to set it so I called the one person I knew would be up… my brother!  He navigated me through the back roads getting off the highway before the traffic started to back up.  Back roads in a snowstorm – not ideal!  I made to the 407 and had a good drive from there.  At the airport on time!

I boarded the plane… and waited… then we went to get de-iced, needless to say we were late taking off, an hour late.  My flight was not direct so when we landed in Denver I RAN to the other terminal to catch the next flight.  I missed it by minutes. The plane was still sitting there but they had already closed the flight.  By this time I had met a couple on the same route as me, and in the same dilemma.  We went to the counter to get rebooked.  All of the remaining flights to Orange County that day were full.  We had to fly to Phoenix and then Orange County.  The wife of the couple that I had met was getting upset.  She was complaining to the ticketing agent, she was really not happy.  I thought – she shouldn’t get so upset, there’s nothing that anybody could have done differently and it’s certainly not the ticketing agents fault.  I laughed, a few months earlier that is exactly how I would have reacted!

We got our boarding passes for the flight to Phoenix but the flight from Phoenix to Orange County was on another airline.  We were told that we could go down to the US Airways gate and get the boarding passes for that flight.  So we walked and walked to the end of the terminal.  After 10 minutes of typing the agent looked up and told us that we could not in fact get the boarding passes as the flight was actually an American Airlines flight and while the two airlines had just merged their computer systems had not.  We would have to get the boarding passes in Phoenix (the problem being we had a tight connection there).  So back to our gate at the other end of the terminal.  This might be a good time to mention that I was wearing heels!!  (Which I have never done since!)

We boarded our flight to Phoenix.  All good here, we’re in the south, no need for de-icing.  Except we weren’t.  We sat and sat and finally the pilot came on and said that they were having a mechanical problem. The part was coming and we would be ready to leave in 10 minutes.  20 minutes later the pilot came back on and said that they weren’t sure what the problem was and that they didn’t know when we would be leaving.  At this point I looked at my new friends and asked if it made sense to stay on this flight when we were clearly going to miss our connection (again).  The husband went and spoke to the flight attendant to see if we could get off the plane.  She so kindly went and booked us on a later flight out of Phoenix.  We finally took off.

We landed in Phoenix and now had a 3 hour layover.  I headed for the bar!  I people watched and I journaled for awhile and realized that I was having a great day… yes, really.  I thought, I’ve had a lot of time to read, journal and I’ve met a nice couple.  I started to think about it and realized how crazy it was that I was having a great day.  If this had happened 3 months earlier I would have been miserable. I would have given myself a massive headache and I probably would have gotten upset at two or more airline employees.  Instead I just let things happen.

Our flight to Orange County was uneventful (finally, something went as planned).  When I arrived in Orange County I went to the baggage carousel fairly certain that my luggage would not be there.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I went to the baggage office. (Side note – I had taken my heels off by this point, I got some strange looks but I had a massive blister on each foot so I really didn’t care what anybody thought!)  Nobody seemed to know which airline actually had my luggage as I had an unscheduled airline change mid trip.  I was told that they would deliver it to my hotel when it arrived.  I was skeptical! When I returned from dinner, the luggage still wasn’t there.  I asked the front desk clerk to please NOT call my room when it arrived and that I would just get it in the morning.  My luggage was there in the morning!

I had no control over any of the events of the day.  I just sat back and let it happen.  The part that I found really crazy was that I didn’t consciously tell myself to stay calm, that was just my natural state.  Through changing my thinking on a daily basis and understanding joy, my mindset has changed.

Your attitude is everything.  The women who I met was unhappy most of the day and what did it get her?  We both got to California at the same time but I had a great day and she did not.

Passion versus Fear

I have a passion for open water swimming.  

For years it was on my list of things I wanted to try but it’s not all that common, so I didn’t.  Three years ago I started looking around again for an open water race, a new challenge and I came across LOST – Lake Ontario Swim Team.  They swim out of Oakville and I was living in Toronto at the time so it was perfect.  The first Saturday that I showed up I got in the water and within the first 50m I was in love.  This was amazing… no turns, no chlorine (which I’m allergic to), no lane swim hours to work into my schedule.  I can swim as far as I want, whenever I want… kinda…

Of course it’s not perfect… this is Canada, we have cold weather and cold water!  There are only a couple of good months to swim in the lake.  Add to that it’s Lake Ontario… a very unpredictable lake.  A few weeks ago I was swimming at Cobourg beach, it was awesome 70F, no wetsuit…. 4 days later 55F, even with a wetsuit the swim was brief.

So in comes the fear – I have a fear of cold water!  There are times when I go in a pool that’s 80F and I think it’s cold!

Having a passion for open water swimming and a fear of cold water creates quite the dilemma especially when you swim in Lake Ontario.

I faced this dilemma yesterday.  Every year LOST has a 3.8km race in August.  I have done it for the past 2 years and signed up for it back in the spring.  I was closely watching the Lake O temperature map all week.  Last Saturday in Oakville the water temperature was 45F so I was happy when it was forecasting 65F for race day.  

Race day – I woke up at 4:30am, drove from Cobourg to Oakville and parked at the finish line hoping to get a ride to the start line.  I went down to check out the finish line and noticed that the registration table was set up… strange, as registration should be at the start.  When I went to the table I was asked if I was doing the 500 or 1,000 (I was there to swim 3.8K so again I was confused).  I was told that they changed the race to a 500m or 1km due to the temperature of the water.  My stomach dropped. Reluctantly I asked what the water temperature was.  50F.  My first reaction was to laugh and say that there was no way I was getting in the water.  Instead I said 500m.  As I walked away I was still contemplating not doing it.  I looked around, there were a lot of people that seemed like they were going to do this.  I thought well if they can do it so can I.  Not to mention I just drove for 2 hours to get there! This was the perfect opportunity to step into my fear.

As we were waiting for the race to start I said to the lady next to me – there are a lot of crazy people here.  She looked at me in my wetsuit and said and you’re one of them, you’re going to get in the water and do it!

Ok, start time… it’s a rocky beach so we walked down to the water’s edge and waited for the start.  My feet were getting wet and I thought, oh the water doesn’t feel too bad.  It could be because I was only in an inch of water.  

The race started.  I swam the first 25m head up.  After the first buoy I put my face in the water, it still didn’t feel too bad… I think this was a very real case of mind over matter.  My brain was convincing my body that it wasn’t that bad.  It apparently was cold as I was having a difficult time getting breathes in.  I was taking breathes but the air wasn’t entering my lungs.  I told myself to calm down and just breathe every stroke.  By the second buoy I could breathe… good news!  And then I just started doing what I do… swimming!  At the half way point I was kicking myself for not doing the 1km.  Then I remembered that when I made the decision I was seriously considering not doing it at all.

As I headed to the finish I actually had to take my goggles off 10m out as they were so fogged up I couldn’t see the beach (there might have even been frost on them 😉 )  I got out of the water and ran to the finish.  I was so obsessed with the cold that I forgot that this was a race.  When I went to the computer to check my time it said Place in Division 1st – ummmm what? There must be something wrong… No mistake, I was the first female in the wetsuit division (believe it or not yes, there was a non-wetsuit division which several people did – there are people crazier than me!)

I got called up and my picture was taken with the other 1st place swimmers and the trophy. My name will be on it and it will be forever documented that I faced my fear.

You hear a lot of people talk about fear and facing it and that’s how you grow.  I have to tell ya, they’re not just making this stuff up.  Yesterday, I got it.  Stepping into that fear was very scary (I did not want to get in that cold water) but SO worth it.  First of all, I’m proud of myself for living full out and not sitting on the beach as a spectator.  Second, now that I know I can handle the cold water, I will be able to swim in the lake more often without the cold holding me back.

Face your fears – seriously it will make your life better.  If I can swim in 50F water, you can do whatever scares you!

Go be epic!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

A few years ago I had a dream.  A client that I was working with had a team involved in a bike race across America (RAAM). 3,000 miles from California to Maryland. I followed their training, helped them fundraise, monitored the race online. I thought it was amazing.  I wanted to do something like that… but not that exactly… I don’t even own a bike…

So I did some research and found Ragnar Relays.  Running… something that I do!

200 miles, 2 vans, 2 days, 12 people!  How fun is that? (I know some of you are thinking that it doesn’t sound fun at all, that’s ok – it’s my dream!)  I was so excited about it… and then something happened.  That voice in my head started talking.  It told me that it was too difficult to coordinate logistically, it was to difficult to find 11 other people who would be interested, it was too difficult to get everyone to agree on one race.  And so the dream just sort of faded.  Actually it disappeared… I had totally forgotten about it.

Out of nowhere last week this dream came back!  I got excited again, only this time way more excited.  A lot has changed in my life in the past year.  I have joined Warrior Coaching where we have a big focus on working towards our dreams, I have started to be very intentional about spending time with people who are successful and passionate about life, who challenge and motivate me and who truly want me to succeed.  My thinking in the past year has changed from, that would be fun, to which relay should we do and let’s start planning! I am way more excited this time because I know it is going to happen.

Side note – Some of you should get ready… you’ll be getting a call soon to join me in the relay! 🙂

I saw a quote recently that said “Enjoy life now.  This is not a dress rehearsal.”

Seriously – WHAT are you waiting for?  Stop pushing your dreams aside.  Because the reality is the dream might leave for awhile, like mine did, but if it’s truly your dream it will come back.  And to be honest some dreams are scary.  The really good ones are.  I have one so scary that I can’t even say it out loud… yet!  But once you put things in place to start working towards that dream your life changes.  When you wake up in the morning you’re perspective is different, your priorities are no longer the same.  Things like watching tv don’t even enter your mind because you have steps to take to move towards that dream. You don’t have time for tv (I recently cancelled my cable as I hadn’t watched it in 7 months!) The more you move towards it, the more you want it.

So what is your dream that you’ve been ignoring.  What are the voices in your head telling you that you can’t do?  I would love to hear what your dreams are…

Go do something EPIC today!

Publishing a blog is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone…

What started as a monthly email to family and friends to motivate them to be part of the 2014 Detroit Marathon has led me to write a blog. I guess my “blogging” days started before I knew what a blog was, maybe before they existed. In 2004 I traveled around the world and sent regular emails to family and friends sharing my journey and bringing them along virtually. As I was traveling alone it was therapeutic to write and made me feel as though everyone was there with me.

So 11 years later I am going to try my hand at real blogging…

A couple of weeks ago I was at a cottage and I did a 2km swim with a friend. She had never swum that far before. In fact her longest distance up until that point was 1km. It wasn’t predetermined how far we were going to swim, we were just going. So we had swum about 700 meters and I asked her if she wanted to go further before we turned around. She hesitated. I told her I would tow her back if she needed me to. She agreed to continue and she ROCKED it! No towing necessary! When she finished she said “I’ve never swum that far before. I had no idea that I could do that”.  She had a HUGE smile on her face. I was so proud and excited for her. What an amazing feeling to complete something that you didn’t believe that you could.

This is a problem that most of us have. We get comfortable swimming 1km or running 5kms and we think that is all that we are capable of. We are in our comfort zone and we stay there.

So here I am to push you out a little. And it just has to be a little. Don’t jump from running 5K to attempting a marathon just run an extra km or an extra minute or just run to one more telephone pole, just give a little more than you did yesterday. I will “tow you back” if you need me to… but I know that you can do it!