The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

A few years ago I had a dream.  A client that I was working with had a team involved in a bike race across America (RAAM). 3,000 miles from California to Maryland. I followed their training, helped them fundraise, monitored the race online. I thought it was amazing.  I wanted to do something like that… but not that exactly… I don’t even own a bike…

So I did some research and found Ragnar Relays.  Running… something that I do!

200 miles, 2 vans, 2 days, 12 people!  How fun is that? (I know some of you are thinking that it doesn’t sound fun at all, that’s ok – it’s my dream!)  I was so excited about it… and then something happened.  That voice in my head started talking.  It told me that it was too difficult to coordinate logistically, it was to difficult to find 11 other people who would be interested, it was too difficult to get everyone to agree on one race.  And so the dream just sort of faded.  Actually it disappeared… I had totally forgotten about it.

Out of nowhere last week this dream came back!  I got excited again, only this time way more excited.  A lot has changed in my life in the past year.  I have joined Warrior Coaching where we have a big focus on working towards our dreams, I have started to be very intentional about spending time with people who are successful and passionate about life, who challenge and motivate me and who truly want me to succeed.  My thinking in the past year has changed from, that would be fun, to which relay should we do and let’s start planning! I am way more excited this time because I know it is going to happen.

Side note – Some of you should get ready… you’ll be getting a call soon to join me in the relay! 🙂

I saw a quote recently that said “Enjoy life now.  This is not a dress rehearsal.”

Seriously – WHAT are you waiting for?  Stop pushing your dreams aside.  Because the reality is the dream might leave for awhile, like mine did, but if it’s truly your dream it will come back.  And to be honest some dreams are scary.  The really good ones are.  I have one so scary that I can’t even say it out loud… yet!  But once you put things in place to start working towards that dream your life changes.  When you wake up in the morning you’re perspective is different, your priorities are no longer the same.  Things like watching tv don’t even enter your mind because you have steps to take to move towards that dream. You don’t have time for tv (I recently cancelled my cable as I hadn’t watched it in 7 months!) The more you move towards it, the more you want it.

So what is your dream that you’ve been ignoring.  What are the voices in your head telling you that you can’t do?  I would love to hear what your dreams are…

Go do something EPIC today!

14 thoughts on “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

  1. Ragnar relays sound amazing! I’ve been struggling to find motivation for me to run and this is it! Can we start with cape Cod?? 🙂 I love it. Thanks Lisa!
    P.s. My (near future) dream is to live and ski in Chamonix for 2 months. not sure when exactly but it WILL happen before the boys are too old!


  2. Tia, what an inspirational blog!
    Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us.
    As you know, at age 65, I walked 500 miles, 32 days, with tendonitis, left foot, and inhaled copious amounts of vino tinto!
    So if I did that, you can achieve anything you put your heart and mind , too.
    Powerful goals always create powerful rewards! They increase the focus and certainty in our lives.
    Life is a journey, not a destination.
    Go for it, Tia and keep inspiring us. xoxo


  3. Great blog, keep them coming!

    I’m in for Ragnar! Great idea! how appropriate… just looked up the background on the Ragnar name…

    Ragnar Lothbrok is a mighty Viking warrior who believes he is destined for greatness.


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