True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart — Helen Keller

To say my heart is full today would be an understatement.

I started my first year of university in September 1992…. 30 years ago… THIRTY! It’s really hard to believe but it seems it’s true.

I often think about the four years that I was at Guelph. Some of my best friends today are people that I met there. It was an incredible time, and I am so grateful to have had that experience. 

Throughout the past two years I have really missed people. I have really missed events. I started to truly appreciate the things that I had previously taken for granted, things like getting together, connecting with friends and hugging. I have really missed the hugging! So, when things opened up, I made an effort to reconnect with my university classmates. I organized an event to celebrate the fact that it was 30 years ago this month that we showed up on the U of G campus and started our four-year adventure! 

We didn’t realize that we were making memories, we just knew that we were having fun

What I’ve learned from being locked down and in a state of restrictions, over the past 2 years, is that when you have the opportunity to do things you should just do them.  

The reunion was this weekend and it was INCREDIBLE. Some of my classmates I haven’t seen in 26 years, but it felt like no time had passed. You might think that seeing people that you haven’t seen in 26 years might be awkward, I assure you, it was not. It was filled with excitement and big, strong hugs. Our eyes lit up when we saw each other. It truly felt like I was right back there as a student, surrounded by my friends.

Several times throughout the day I stopped and appreciated where I was and who I was with. I had an overwhelming sense of joy!

We relived memories and told stories. We walked around with smiles plastered on our faces. We recreated pictures from 30 years ago. We laughed hard and we were loud! If you ever want to find fun people just find some HAFA graduates!

Human connections are deeply nurtured in the field of shared story – Jean Houston

If you think about people from your past with fond memories, reach out to them. Call them, visit them, meet them for coffee. Do it today if you have the opportunity, that opportunity might not exist tomorrow. I assure you, you won’t regret it.

Gratitude means not being a glass is half full person, but a my cup runneth over person

This weekend I am definitely a my cup runneth over person.