If you judge a book by it’s cover, you might miss out on an amazing story

Every week I think about the fact that I need an idea, something to write about.  In the beginning it concerned me, but over the past four months I have come to realize that I will do or read or hear something and I will just know what to write.  To add to that there are now people who are reading the posts who are “challenging” me to EPIC adventures.  I think they’re hoping to become famous, as a character in one of my posts 😉
I showed up for lunch with two friends in Troy, Michigan on Friday.  I assumed we would go to a nice restaurant in the suburb of Detroit, have good conversation and that would be the end of it.  I was going for the company, I hadn’t really thought about the location.
When I arrived they asked if I was ready for an EPIC adventure.  Absolutely, I replied. Ok, but it’s a surprise they told me.  I was a little scared…
We started driving down I-75 South towards Detroit, when we got south of 8 Mile the fear increased! Then we headed east… this really isn’t the direction you want to be going…
We exited the highway and the first thing we saw were two police cruisers and a vehicle with all of the doors and the trunk open being searched…
We continued driving, deeper into what I will call the ghetto.  There are few people, there are many burned out, abandoned buildings.
We pulled up in front of a building, which at first glance you would think was abandoned.  The windows are covered with screens, it’s not very welcoming.  There is a guy out front who waves and points to a parking spot on the street.  We park and give him $10 to “watch” the car.  I am certain that this man had no ability to provide security if someone were to make an effort to steal the car, but I’m ok with helping out a local guy trying to make a living in a neighbourhood with few job opportunities.
If you don’t do a lot of crazy things when you’re young, you won’t have funny stories to tell when you’re old!
There is a small sign above the door that says “Polish Yacht Club”.  This is interesting as there isn’t a body of water anywhere near this place.
Eleven years ago when I traveled around the world, my brother said to me “nobody wants to hear stories about you sitting by the pool at the Marriott”. I still remember those words.  Stories and experiences don’t happen on the beaten path.  Taking adventures and trying new things are what life is made of. So we went in.  The restaurant was established in 1909 and really not much has changed since!  The table we sat at had a few chairs, a church pew and a plastic table cloth.  The room had so much to look at including the wall of photos of the past commodores (again, interesting due to the lack of somewhere to dock a boat) and an old grandfather clock with the bottom hollowed out, now housing bottles of hot sauce!?!?
It was worth the trip to the bathroom – I felt like I was in my great-grandmother’s house (not my grandmother, my great-grandmother!)  There was an old vanity with a large bouquet of flowers, lace doilies and other trinkets.  On the other wall there was a shelving unit with the shelves full of bottles and bottles of cream and hairspray circa 1970.  The strangest part of this was, right in the middle of this ancient room they have a motion censored paper towel dispenser… that’s what they decided to update??
The food was great, homemade Polish food.  A testament to this is the fact that the place was full of business men.  I don’t know how people know about this place but it’s busy.
I love places like this, places with character and history and stories.  Places where people have been going for over a century.  If the walls could talk…
It was a very different experience than if we had gone to a chain restaurant!
Veer off of the beaten path, try something different!
If you have a chance to seize a moment that you know will be memorable, grab it!  Always think that the next time may never be the same.
This won’t be a lunch that I soon forget!  And we’ve already planned for the next adventure to another local Detroit establishment… can’t wait!!

4 thoughts on “If you judge a book by it’s cover, you might miss out on an amazing story

  1. Great post, Tia.
    I enjoyed reading it and I think you are ready for us to take you to the Queen’s Hotel in our little village, now!!! 🙂


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